Guwahati Teer

How to Check Your Guwahati Teer Results?

Guwahati is amongst the most famous places in the North Eastern region of India. Thousands of tourists from across the world visit this naturally rich and beautiful place. But one thing makes it peculiar among the local folks and that is the Guwahati teer game.

Originally, the Guwahati teer target used to be a game of tribal people that used teer or arrow in the game. Whoever targeted the designed spot with his teer used to win the game.

As the game was very popular, it soon took the shape of what is now known as Guwahati teer.  Every day, You have to guess the lucky number, if your guess matches the Guwahati teer common number today, you are going to win huge prizes.

On this website, we provide the results of guwahati teer target.  You can check if your chosen number matches with the Guwahati teer number, that will be displayed on this website.

The website also provides you the Guwahati teer result yesterday, so those who missed out checking their number can check it. Along with this, we will post an updated Guwahati teer result today.

Some people who might have missed checking on their previous results can easily check their Guwahati teer previous results here. Such previous results can help you understand the pattern of teer number, making you predict the number to near accuracy.

It’s just a game of chance basically. If you are lucky your number matches Guwahati teer lucky number and you can claim your win. But for that, you must register your self and announce your choice of a number at teer counter guwahati.

Some people also refer the Guwahati teer as the khanapara teer, and because of that, we have also listed the teer results as Guwahati khanapara teer result.

Our website is dedicated to providing you only the services to check your Guwahati teer result online. We will display the results as declared by the teer committee but we do not guarantee its accuracy.

So for assurance and claiming the win you must check the Guwahati teer result chart at your nearest teer center.

The Guwahati teer results are declared on a daily basis and we post these results accordingly. If you wish to check your previous results you can do that as well. Some people may refer the game as ghy teer as well, ghy teer results, but you can also check these results here by following the link given below.