Juwai Teer

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What is Juwai Teer Game?

Teer game is one of the popular game in North-East india and also in some other parts of india. This game is mostly played in Shillong (Shillong Teer game) , Juwai (Juwai Teer Game) and Juwai (Juwai Teer Game) and actually legalised by state Government. The game is very simple a group of professional archers from different clubs and villages gather in an open Teer ground and they used to fire the arrows on the given target. Viewers have to predict the winning number from 1-100 this process takes place twice in a day you can predict your lucky number twice in a day but this game is played every day except Sunday. You can check juwai Juwai teer results , Teer result today Juwai , Juwai Shillong Teer results, Guwahati Teer result and Juwai Teer Results. If your prediction matches the teer result Juwai today then you win the game and collect the prize from Juwai teer counter.

Juwai Teer Common Numbers

A common number is a number that has been predicted before the Teer game takes place by using tricks of calculation. There are many methods of calculating to get Juwai teer target numbers to get Shillong Juwai teer common number to win. In the same way Teer game of Shillong Juwai Common number is made by some sorts of mathematical calculation using the Shillong Juwai Teer Previous Result to get the Juwai Teer Result Today , Juwai Juwai Shillong Teer Result.

Juwai Teer Dream Numbers

Mostly Teer players talks about the term Juwai Teer Dream Numbers. Actually Juwai Teer Dream Numbers are those numbers that a teer player assume by the dreams that they saw last night. So the main trick is you choose the numbers by looking back at their last night dream and if you are lucky you will predict the the right number and will win the game. But your last night dreams will not only symbolize the perfect number but it can sometimes be a house number or ending number. But be aware about many dreams symbolize many combinations of numbers which are little bit confusing . So you will have to think and play cleverly with the numbers to win the Teer Result.