Hello friends, if you are searching for all the information of Teer then don’t worry you are in the perfect website. Because in this article, I will give you all the information about Teer. There are so many pieces of information on Teer and that pieces of information are very important for you if you want to earn money online. But before we start the topic I want to give you some pieces of information about our website. Guys, our website is specially made for Teer, we always do upload Teer related articles which are very important for you. We do upload all the results, lucky numbers, dream numbers faster than anyone on the internet.

Our website is the best website to give all the proper and right information about Teer. So if you are visiting our website for the first time then keep connected with us for all the latest and informative articles. Now you understood our website is made for what kind of motive. Now let’s talk about the other pieces of information about Teer. At first, I would like to share with you What is Teer? There are so many peoples who heard about Teer but they actually don’t know what is Teer and what kind of activities done by the Teer? That’s why at first I am going to share with what is Teer?

What is Teer?

Teer is the most famous game of North-East, a large number of peoples are connected with Teer. Now maybe you are thinking What kind of game that is? If you are really thinking that then I want to inform you that is one kind of lottery game, Teer game is specially made for the peoples of Meghalaya and Khanapara. The main Center of Teer is Meghalaya. The whole game is controlled by Meghalaya. You would like to know that maximum peoples from Meghalaya play Teer and you will shock to know that peoples are earning lots of money from that game.

What is the Procedure of the Teer Game?

As you know Teer is specially made for the peoples of Meghalaya and Meghalaya is the head center of Teer, the branches of Teer are spread all over North-East like Khanapara, Juwai, and more places, now the main topic is what is the procedure of the game. Peoples go to the center of Teer and the center provides some numbers and peoples choose their favorite one and after the result, if their numbers come the same which is chosen by the peoples then they will be won real cash and if the numbers do not match then they lose their money.

Peoples choose many ways for the right number like dream number, common number, the previous number. Now maybe you are thinking about what are dream numbers, common numbers, previous numbers, then don’t worry I will explain to you everything below.

What is Dream Number?

Dream number is a very famous and old way to choose the correct number of Teer to win and earn real money. It means if any people see a dream at night then he chooses the number of Teer depend on that dream. You might be thinking that is weird but guys believe me that is true and peoples doing that before many years and they are getting positive results. If you are thinking to play Teer you need to believe in dream number and you could earn money by using the dream number. I hope you understood what is the dream number. Now let’s talk about what is the previous number?

What is the Previous Number?

The previous number is also another way to choose the right numbers of Teer, in that case, peoples choose the number according to the previous results of Teer. Peoples judge those numbers of previous Teer results and the perfect one to win the lottery.  Thee are so many peoples who are much real cash by using this method, this method is very effective and a large number of peoples likes to choose this way to earn real cash. If you are thinking to enter this lottery then you should take all the information’s about this game.

If you are searching for the previous numbers of Teer then you could visit the others articles of our website. Because we always update the results of Teer every day faster than other Teer related websites on the internet. So I hope you also got all the information about Previous Numbers. Now I would like to share with you what is the common number?

What is the Common Number?

The common number is similar to the previous number, in the case of common number peoples collect the common number from the previous numbers. It means which number commonly comes in every result of Teer, peoples choose that number. I hope you understand because it is very simple to method compare other methods of Teer. So this is the full information of Teer, I hope you got all the information about Teer from this article and for more Teer, related articles keep following our website.


If you want to play Teer then before you enter you should understand all the procedures, how to play Teer? and the most important thing is How to win? otherwise you maybe you lost money it. You should play this game very carefully to earn lots of money.

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